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Traditional Dress in Iran

Published Date: 1/18/2021 11:31:28 AM

There are different ethnic groups in Iran, each with its own language, customs and, of course, its own Traditional dress. Today Wonderful Iran Tour wants to introduce you the local costumes of the northern people.

The coverage of the people of the north is very colorful and beautiful due to the nature, flowers and greenery of the area where they live. The dress of the people of the northern region is divided into several different models:

Mazandarani: ‌ They have colored dress that are relatively shorter than other cities in the north, and men usually wear their socks on their pants.

Turkaman: Most common in Golestan, women's red long dress and men's woolen hats are special features of their clothes.

Gilaki: Very colorful clothes for women and wide belts for men are the features of clothes of people living in Gilan

Gilan: In Gilan, felt hats are very common for men and women's clothes are divided into 3 models: Ghasemabadi for the east, Taleshi for the west and Rasukhi for the center of Gilan. Colorful sequins and white scarves are also common .

for more information about traditional dresses of other ethnic groups in Iran, please follow Wonderful Iran`s future blogs.