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Namakdan Mansion

Published Date: 1/20/2021 4:09:05 PM

Between the traditional atmosphere of Naqsh-e-jahan square and the modernity of Ostandari street, ‌ in the Posht Matbakh alley, one of the best cafe restaurants, Namakdon is located. The traditional environment and building of Namakdan mansion and the existence of a modern cafe in this mansion have given it a modern look. The inside of the mansion is like the yard of a grandmother's house, traditional, old and beautiful. It is an old mansion with very old tables and chairs and doors. The green pond, the earthenware pots and the sprinkler at the edge of the pond have doubled the mansion's traditional nature.

The building of the mansion is a relic of the Qajar era, the reason for naming this building is not clear. This name may be due to its special geometric shape or perhaps because the king breaking bread with one of his enemies in time of peace, has given the name of the salt shaker to this palace.

if you are not old enough to visit your grandmother's house, you can sit in the yard and listen to traditional music to evoke the nostalgic environment of that time.

In this mansion, you can sit and eat both in the courtyard and in the floor rooms, which are like a museum of antiques.The food in the restaurant is traditional and has a limited menu, and in the cafe you can enjoy one of the best coffees.

Wonderful Iran Tour invites you to spend your autumn`s afternoon in this beautiful mansion.