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Khaled Nabi Cemetery

Published Date: 1/23/2021 11:38:09 AM

After crossing the beautiful nature of the Turkmen Sahara, you reach the hills above which there are 3 shrine and a large number of strange tombs.

The shrines belong to Khalid Nabi, Alam Baba and Chupan Atta, all of which have a quadrangular structure. Khalid Nabi was the prophet of the religion of Ismael who came to Iran to propagate Christianity.

It is said that two other shrines belong to one of the relatives and the other belongs to Khalid Nabi's father-in-law.

Facing the tomb of Alam Baba is a tree that is famous for Miracle. The Turkmen believe that this tree meets their needs, so they tie the cloth to it.

There were about 600 tombstones on the hills, which were from 0.5 to 4 meters high. Some of these tombs are next to each other and some are on separate mountains. The shape of the sculptures is in three forms: some that are tall, which are the sexual organs of men, whose height varies according to their social status.Some are shorter statues that are the shape of women's breasts and some are like rams that symbolize power for the Turkmen.

The date of this cemetery and graves is not known, but it is considered to belong to the Seljuk period.

There are 2 narrations about this cemetery: 1- These statues are the enemies of Khalid Nabi who have been stoned by the God to protect Khalid Nabi and his companions. 2- These statues are Khalid Nabi and his companions who have been stoned to protect against the enemies.

The best season to visit this cemetery and the Turkmen Sahara is spring (April and May).

Wonderful Iran Tour invites you to visit the Turkmen Sahara and this strange cemetery, and in addition to watching these beautiful landscapes and nature, you can also visit the healing seasonal fountain of this cemetery, which is known as Khezr Dandan.