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Chaharbagh St. Isfahan

Published Date: 2/9/2021 2:09:58 PM

One of the most beautiful attractions of Isfahan is Chaharbagh Street.

Chaharbagh (4 Garden) is actually called to those gardens that are divided into 4 parts by passages. Of the old gardens of Isfahan, only Hasht Behesht garden is left. Chaharbagh Safavid (Chaharbagh Bala) and Chaharbagh Abbasi date back to the time of Shah Abbas I about 1000 years ago. In the following periods, Chaharbagh Pa'in along Chaharbagh Abbasi and Chaharbagh Khajoo parallel to Chaharbagh were added.

Chaharbagh Abbasi and Chaharbagh Bala are separated by Si-o-Se Pol (thirty-three bridges).

Recently, the passage of motorcycle and vehicles on this street has been banned and the floor of the street has been paved and turned into a sidewalk. Volkswagen mobile van cafes can be a good place to sit and enjoy the sound of birds among the sycamore trees in 4 lanes of the street for spending the afternoon and drinking cafes and coffee.

Wonderful Iran tour invites you to spend a spring or autumn evening in Chaharbagh and double your pleasure by walking in Chaharbagh and sitting and drinking a cup of coffee or tea.