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Potash Waterfall and Salt Village

Published Date: 2/20/2021 11:19:34 AM

It might be very interesting for you to be able to go to the salt village of Potash in the heart of the desert and see the salt waterfall of Potash and swim in the salt pool.

40 km east of Khor va Biabank village, north of Potas mining complex,The salt village has been built with a very beautiful natural attraction, 25 meters high called the salt waterfall. In this complex, in addition to the salt waterfall, a coffee shop, restaurant, 6 residences and a salt pool have also been built. The interesting thing about these buildings is that they are all made of salt and are white in color, which the beauty is doubled by their special lighting at night.

Sports and recreational facilities and a sky-watching area are to be added to the village ,Salt therapy pools will also be added to the village for health tourism.


In addition, sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium hydroxide are also extracted and exploited from this mine.

Other attractions around this salt village are: the Salt Lake, Mesr Desert, the village of Arousan and Garmeh.

Wonderful Iran Tour invites you to visit the only salt waterfall in the world and visit other attractions of this region.