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Cash or Credit Card? arbi


It is essential for you to know that unfortunately, it is not possible to use your credit cards or travel cheques in Iran. On the other hand, Money transactions take time and fees and it is better that you bring your trip expenses amount in cash.

You can always count on our Travel agent’s consultation in order to calculate the approximate amount of money to bring in cash.

In Big cities, you can change your money easy at Hotels, Exchange offices (Sarrafi) and some Banks.

US Dollars and Euros are quite more common and you can easily change even in some shops. Other currencies can be exchanged in big cities. WonderfulIranTour in addition to travel services that gives can also help you to transfer money (Fast and safe)

Also, we can give you a personal debit card so you can manage your money and your trip would be much more safe. These cards are easy to Charge in advance and during your trip, you will refund the remaining money in the card at the end of your travel.

(In general, Iran is really safe, don’t worry, but paying by debit cards may be less confusing than in cash!)