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About Internet and Sim cards in Iran

Keep in touch

Keep in touch

All travelers like to be in touch with their family and friends at their hometown during their trip. The good news for you is that you have no worries about this in Iran.

If you travel to Iran with an airplane, you can easily buy cheap Iranian sim cards at the airports and ask the seller to launch it for you.
The price of these SIM cards depends on the type of service, but not more than $ 5.

These SIM cards are rechargeable and have great Coverage in almost all parts of Iran. It also has 4G Internet in most cities and main roads.
Also, these SIM cards, which are often supplied by Irancell or Hamrah-e Aval companies, can also be purchased at mobile stores in the cities.
Portable modems are also usable and purchased in Iran, and their prices are often cheap in Iran like other goods.

Some sites and social networks are blocked in Iran. Sites like, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You must use a proxy to use these sites.
But Google, Instagram, and WhatsApp can easily be used in Iran.

Also, in some coffee shops, restaurants, buses and hotels, you can use the free Wi-Fi internet.

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