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On the caravan route

On the caravan route

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Visiting the beautiful desert villages

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Wonderful Iran Tour

Tour Summery


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On this tour, we will visit some of the most beautiful desert villages of Iran in 4 days. Beautiful nature and peaceful desert, eco-friendly architecture and friendly and patient people with ancient culture are the main attractions of this tour.

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Rig-e jenn

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Step by step

Detailed Itinerary




Day 1

Day 1: Visiting Nain and camping in Rig-e Jenn sand dune

  • Transfer to Nain and have breakfast there
  • Visit Narenj castle and Nain jameh mosque
  • Move to Rig-e Jenn sand dune
  • Camp, rest and eat lunch
  • Go around to see the landscapes
  • Back to the camp, make dinner on fire and enjoy the night sky
  • Overnight in desert camp

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Day 2

DAY2: Visit The Villages of Garmeh, Mesr, and Bayazeh

  • Have breakfast in camp
  • Head to the beautiful village of Garmeh and visit its garden and springs
  • Transfer to Mesr village and ride camel in the desert
  • Lunch
  • Move to Bayazeh and visit the Fortress of Assassin
  • Visit the Salt Lake and the Potash mine
  • overnight at the traditional guest house in Bayazeh

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Day 3

Day 3: Full day natural sightseeing tour on the way Tabas to Esfahak

  • Move to Tabas and visit Kal-jenny valley
  • Head to Morteza Ali canyon and enjoy hot water springs
  • Visit the world’s oldest arc dam “Shah Abbasi dam”
  • Lunch
  • Transfer to beautiful Esfahak village
  • Eat local cuisine for dinner
  • Overnight in Esfahak at traditional house

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Day 4

Day 4: On the way back to Isfahan visiting the Anarak and Chupanan villages

  • Breakfast in Esfahak traditional house
  • Move to Anarak village with beautiful desert architecture
  • Transfer to Chupanan village and have lunch
  • Come back to Isfahan

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Included in the price

The tour includes

The TourIncludes

All transfers

3 nights at a traditional guest house and camping

Complimentary Breakfast (4 days) 

Dinners and lunches are optional

4 Full day sightseeing tours

All the entrees

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Wonderful Iran Tour

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