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Esfahan City Tour

Esfahan City Tour

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On this tour, we visit the spectacular views of the city's riverside. We first visit the Flower Garden, which is the best place for flower lovers. Then we go to the nearby beautiful Khaju Bridge. 350 years old Khaju Bridge , is the only bridge in Iran with a small palace in the middle.
Another historic bridge known as the “Joubi” is also near the Khaju Bridge, where we also visit. Then we introduce the Function of “maa’di” in Isfahan. “maa’dis” are the water channel that has been tasked with distributing river water throughout the city from ancient times till now.
Then we visit the longest historic bridge in Isfahan. “Si-o-se-pol” bridge which is located in the heart of Isfahan and along the famous Chaharbagh Street. After that, we will walk through beautiful Chahar Bagh to reach the Chahar Bagh religious school. This school is the last building from the peak of the glory of Isfahan during the Safavid era.

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Flowers Garden

( C )

Zayanderood river

( D )

Khaju and Joubi and Si-o-Se pol bridge

( E )

Chaharbagh religious school


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  • Pick you up from the hotel
  • Visit Flowers Garden
  • Walk alongside Zayanderood river and Visit Khaju, Joubi and Si-o-se pol bridge
  • Visit and introduce the use of the Maadi
  • Visit Chaharbagh religious school
  • Transfer to the hotel and end of the tour

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