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Faloodeh Shirazi

Published Date: Apr 4 2021 12:13PM

One of the most delicious types of Iranian desserts that most famous ones are served in Shiraz, Kerman and Yazd is Faloodeh or Paloodeh.

It is a type of ice dessert made from starch and served with one of these condiments: lemon juice, star anise or pussy, cherry syrup, rosewater, mint, Syrup. In Isfahan Palouded served with Traditional Ice-cream.

How to prepare:

Mix the starch with water and boil. When it becomes a jelly paste, pour it into a container with large holes and place it in a container with a mixture of water and ice at a distance of 20 cm. Then press the starch to come out of the holes of the container in a drop or a string to pour on ice and water and take shape. Then separate the starch from water and ice and mix it with sugar syrup, Rosewater, Mint perspiration and Chia syrup and serve cold.


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