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Different Types of Iranian bread

Different Types of Iranian bread

Published Date: 5/11/2021 10:16:21 AM

Bread which means Nan in Persian, is one of the main meals in Iranian`s table. The main ingredients of bread are the same in all types and include flour, water and salt. Sesame, poppy seeds and other fragrant dried vegetables are sometimes poured on the bread, which varies depending on the area, taste and type of bread. Bread is baked in a traditional or electric oven.

Bread is baked in bakeries. They are usually open from 7 am to 7 pm.

Different Types of Iranian bread:

1- Sangak bread (Nan-e Sangak): The most popular type of bread in Iran, which is baked in a tandoor with a lot of hot stone.

2- Barbary bread (Nan-e Barbari): The thickest type of bread in Iran, very tasty and fragrant

3- Lavash bread (Nan-e Lavash): The thinnest type of bread that you can also find in supermarkets as well as bakeries.

4- Taftoon bread (Nan-e Taftoon): This type is mostly baked in villages in traditional ovens with wood

5- French Baguette: this bread is one of these categories that is usually used for sandwiches.

6- Dry bread (Nan-e Khoshk): It is bread that is allowed to be exposed to air and dried after baking. This bread becomes brittle like biscuits and is baked in different thicknesses.

7- Local bread: Each city has its own model of bread that is prepared according to the Euclidean conditions and raw materials of that region. For example, local bread in the north and south of the country is completely different.

8- Bran bread: The color of this bread is brown and it is not white like other breads because cereals are used along with their shells and sometimes they are made with oat. Bread is rich in fortified ingredients and is good for health.

Wonderful Iran Tour suggests you to taste the bread of any city in Iran you travel and enjoy its various flavors.