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Proposal ceremony in Iran

Proposal ceremony in Iran

Published Date: 5/26/2021 12:20:21 AM

Getting married in Iran has many stages. One of its first customs is courtship. After a suitable person has been selected for marriage by the person or family, it is necessary for them to go to the girl's house to propose after coordination.

The boy's family should call before going and arranges with the bride's family for the date and time (usually in the evening and early hours of the night). In traditional Iranian society, boys usually propose to girls, and it is much rarer for girls to propose to boys.

After the bride's family has set the time, they prepare the house and on the promised day the son prepares flowers and sweets and goes to bride`s house with the family members and one or more of their family elders. The girl and her family welcomed the guests and receive flowers and sweets. The cover of both families is formal and stylish, and at the same time they try to be as they are and not to pretend and exaggerate.

In the old days, it was customary for a girl not to welcomed the guests and then come with a tray of tea after 10 minutes, but today the girl also sits down and someone else serves tea, coffee and other beverages. After hosting guests, the groom's family talks about the proposal. These conversations are mostly for initial acquaintances and introducing families and talking about ideas (if they do not have already friendship and cognition)

The bride's family then see off the guests. A few days later, the groom's family calls to get a positive or negative answer from the bride's family. If the answer is yes, the next appointments will be arranged for the next acquaintance and ceremonies.

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