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Fritillaria, Laleh Vajgoon

Fritillaria, Laleh Vajgoon

Published Date: 6/10/2021 9:20:21 AM

Overturned tulip, a mythical flower that is one of the rare species in the world. This flower grows on the slopes of the Zagros from mid-April until the end of the rains. 15 species of this flower have been identified in Iran, which even have medicinal uses. This flower can be seen in different colors of yellow, red, purple, brown, etc.

The reason for naming this flower is its appearance. The petals of the flower grow downwards and towards the stem and for this reason they are called inverted Tulip or Fritillaria.

Wonderful Iran Tour invites you to come to Iran and visit these beautiful plains of Tulip.

In Iran, most of these flowers can be seen in Isfahan (Semirom, Afos, Golpayegan, Fereydunshahr, Darreh Bid, Khansar), Koohrang in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari, Aligudarz in Lorestan and Sepidan in Shiraz.