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Rosewater Festival in Kashan

Rosewater Festival in Kashan

Published Date: 6/15/2021 9:20:21 AM

Rosewater making in Iran is 1000 years old and it can be said that the best Rosewater in the world belongs to Iran. Iranians were the first to obtain Rosewater by distilling Rose (Mohammadi flower) and realized its therapeutic properties and oral consumption.

Rosewater making is held in Kashan and surrounding villages such as Ghamsar and Niasar with its own Customs and Kashan is the exporter of the most and best quality rosewater in Iran.

Rose picking ceremony in Kashan continues every year from Early-May to Mid-June and attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. When the flowers reach a certain level, picking flower season begins. Before sunrise, the flowers are picked and rose watering begins.

Rose watering is done in two traditional and industrial methods, but the traditional method is more attractive.

Traditional method of making rose water:

 First, put a copper pot on the heat and add about 30 kg of washed Mohammadi flowers into each pot and pure 80 liters of water to it and put a copper lid on it and the distance between the pot and the lid will be filled with a special paste so that less steam is wasted. There was a hole in this pot which was connected by a pipe to the pitchers which were placed in cold water. Water vapor is directed through these pipes to the pitchers and after cooling, distillation is done and the steam turns into liquid (Rosewater).

The best type of Rosewater:

 If the taste of rose is bitter and dull and its color is colorless and clear, it means it is pure, and if the bitter taste remains in the mouth, it means that the essential oil has been added to it and it is not pure.

Types of roses:

1- Heavy Rosewater (excellent, grade 1): good condensation, high quality and very good aroma that is mostly used for daily consumption. They add more Roses to the water, so it is thicker.

2- Light Rosewater: It has less concentration and aroma than heavy rosewater

3- 2-Atisheh Rosewater: Instead of water, rosewater is poured into it for distillation.

4- 2-Atisheh Rosewater: The flower is poured into a pot with two-Atisheh rosewater and distilled.

5- Pas Ab Rosewater: If we pour water again on the flowers in the pot that have been distilled once and take rose water from it again, a thin rosewater will be obtained.


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