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Iran Treatment(Medical) visa

Treatment Visa for Iran

Published Date: 8/23/2021 10:51:06 AM

During the Corona pandemic, no airport visa will be issued and all nationalities need a Treatment visa to enter Iran.

At first glance, it may seem that medical tourism is only related to medical activities, but the fact is that this branch of tourism is very broad and includes a wide range of activities. Performing medical and therapeutic activities and any kind of activity that improves the physical and mental condition of a person in an environment outside his place of residence is called medical tourism or health tourism. This is the definition provided by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The general process for getting Iran medical visa is like any other Iran visas. First, you need to prepare a personal photo and a digital photo of your passport. Then you need to provide medical documents, previous procedures done in the country of origin, and the patient’s history by your doctor. Then you need to fill out the Iran medical visa application form. The team of travel experts will review your documents and start the process of getting the IPD letter from the hospital according to your needs. After getting the IPD letter, the process of applying for Iran medical visa starts.

In case you have a companion with you, he/she should also apply for an Iran visa but he/she just needs the personal picture, passport picture, and the Iran medical visa application form.


Wonderful Iran Tour gives the good news to Afghans living in Europe, Iraqis and Omanis and also other nationality that we can apply for your Medical Visa in Iran so that you can travel to Iran for treatment or to visit relatives and friends with a simple checkup. For more information and detail just contact us.