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14 Must-Eat Restaurant and Cafe in Isfahan

14 Must-Eat Restaurant and Cafe in Isfahan

Published Date: 1/26/2022 2:14:36 PM

1.Shahrzad Restaurant: a traditional restaurant with the design of the ceiling, windows and walls surrounding you plus the unforgettable taste of every single item on the menu make you happy and pleased. Its located in Abbas abad st. 

2. Naghsh-e-Jahan Restaurant: this traditional restaurant in Isfahan has used modern tables and chairs and traditional beds in its design to fulfill any taste. Its located in eastern side of the Naghshe Jahan square.

3. Beryani Aazam: One of the most delicious Iranian food called beryoni and Azam is a great restaurant for trying this food. It has 3 branches in Isfahan.

4. Toranj Restaurant (Hovhannes historical House): a historical house which is now use as a restaurant, this restaurant/Traditional tea house/ coffee shop is located in Julfa district.

5. Qasre Monshi Restaurant: The traditional Qasr Monshi hotel is one of the most attractive hotels in Isfahan which has an extremely beautiful restaurant which also serve Middle eastern cuisine. Its located in Neshat Ave.

6. Hermes Restaurant: it is a restaurant and cafe complex with a variety of western foods with 2 branches which are located in Jolfa district and City center shopping mall.

7. Jarchibashi Restaurant: By visiting this place you will know a Persian bathhouse and also enjoy a Persian dish, it is renovated but the origin of the bath is saved. the beautiful paintings, tile work, table, and dishes are designed to remind you of the glorious old Isfahan. Its located in Hakim St.

8. Namakdan Mansion: An aristocratic mansion, renovated in a cafe & restaurant like many other mansions in Isfahan. A delightful place to relax, drink, and eat meal after visiting the Naghsh-e Jahan is located at the southwest entrance of Naghsh-e Jahan square.

9. Bame Shahr: Restaurant with Beautiful open setting and great views. This place is green and the atmosphere is good. its located near Sofe terminal, Zeytoon complex.

10. Fresh Station Restaurant: Fresh Station in the Heart of the City — With a variety of foods, drinks, appetizers, and desserts, Fresh Station is nice to try every time of the day. Its located in City center shopping mall.

11.Tanje Café Restaurant: to have perfect experience with Moroccan restaurant you can try tanje.Its located in Mosalla st.

12. Cheshm andaz Restaurant: Standing in the open space of Chashmandaz Restaurant located on the roof of the Abbasi hotel, you can have a 360-degree view of Isfahan and also you can enjoy the traditional teahouse in the yard of the hotel. Its located in Amadegah St.

13. Azadegan Café: it is a trendy cafe museum located in Isfahan's Bazaar around Imam Square. Good for a quick tea or smokepipe, it's full of interesting collectables you would find in a museum. Its located in Isfahan's Bazaar around Imam Square.

14. Firouz Sharbat khaneh: If you like to try a Persian drink in a traditional coffee shop in Isfahan try Sharbat khane Firouz. wooden doors, Mineral paint, wooden furniture, old and antique plate, and glass, framed painting on the walls. Its located in Jolfa St.